Mary (

Mary's journey so far!

Joseph is not in town!

When Mary comes in Nazareth, Joseph seems to be disappeared and Mary is worried about it. Is Joseph going to leave her? She’s going to have a cup of tea with Sapphira. The next day, however, everything turns. Joseph was visited by a heavenly messenger explaining everything Mary wasn’t able to do. ‘Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit’, was what the angel said. The angel also said that Mary and Joseph should name their son ‘Jesus’ because he will be a savior.

How to tell Joseph?

Mary is worried about how to explain to Joseph what really happened. Who will believe she’s pregnant from the Holy Spirit?! Also, her body feels more and more pregnant. It’s usual and it’s beautiful. She is thinking about Psalm 139.

The angel visits Mary

Mary tells she’s leaving Nazareth and will stay for a while with her relatives Elisabeth. She’s leaving because an angel told that to Mary. The angel also told that the old lady is pregnant, which is a miracle. Sapphira really wants to know the color of the eyes of the angel, but Mary says it’s not important. The moment Mary arrived at Elisabeth’s place, her baby jumped in her belly because of Mary. Then Mary tells Sapphira she’s pregnant too. That the angel told too. Sapphira finds it hard to believe.

Getting to know Mary

Mary is a young girl, around 16 years old. She’s engaged with Joseph the carpenter, a good man. So she’s thinking a lot about the coming wedding. What flowers does she want to have on that special day? She discussing it with her best friend Sapphira. It was quite busy the last days, so there was not much time to chat. Stay tuned!

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Introducing Mary

On December 2nd the story of Joseph and Mary will start. In the meantime get to know them both. Joseph is a 35 years old carpenter who lives in Nazareth, a village in the north of Israel. Read more here about Joseph. Mary is a young girl, around 16 years old who is engaged with Joseph. Read more here about Mary.

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