Mary (

Mary's journey so far!

Goodbye my friend

Crisis in the family of Joseph and Mary. Joseph told Mary he had an angel visiting him in a dream. They had to leave town right now. They had to flee. Because the evil king wants to kill their little Jesus. Mary is upset and sad. Directly they start a very long journey. The plan is they try to find refuge in Egypt, but the journey will take at least 1000km. Because they have to leave the country and travel through rough areas, Mary isn’t sure when she will be able to connect with Sapphira again. So, this is the moment to say goodbye. But not before she thanked her best friend for her ongoing friendship. Farewell.

Wise man from the east

Joseph, Mary, and their little boy are living in Bethlehem now for a while. There are stories in town about stargazers, kings, and magicians. Very interesting. Jesus is growing up well. In the next days, the family had visitors. Exactly these strange man from the east. Wise man with special gifts. ‘Gold for the King’, they said. ‘Frankincense for the priest he will become’ and ‘Mhyrr’. The Mhyrr is a gift Mary had to think about because normally it is used to tread the body of a person who has passed away. Again, Mary has a head full of thoughts about her special son and who he will become.

Simeon and Anna

After all the good wishes for the new year, Mary is talking about preparing cookies and cakes. Joseph loves them. They have visited the temple on the 40th day after the birth of Jesus to present him to God. They met two special persons. The prophet Simeon, an old man, took Jesus in his arms, the moment he saw Joseph, Mary, and the baby. ‘Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace, according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation,’ is what he said. But he was also very serious, hinting about something very dramatic that will happen in the life of the little baby. ‘A sword will pierce through your own soul…’ Mary doesn’t know what to think about it. After that, an old lady, Anna, is worshipping God because of little Jesus. Mary is also mentioning that there’s a special star on the nightly sky.

Jesus is circumcised

Sapphira had to go back to Nazareth, but Mary was very happy her best friend visited her in Bethlehem. Jesus is going to be circumcised on the 8th day, like all the little Jewish boys. Life begins to be a little normal for Joseph and Mary and it feels like they are now a quite ordinary family.

Shepherds were visiting us

A little boy is born and his name is Jesus. The name has a special meaning: ‘savior’. Because there is no cradle, but Joseph used the crib for the little Jesus. He’s sleeping like a king! The first visitors were a group of shepherds from the area of Bethlehem. They came with the story an angel came with the announcement there was a baby born in a manger. ‘For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.’ A complete choir of angels filled the nighly sky, they told Mary. The young family is overwhelmed by love. He is a little miracle. And remembering all the old prophecies and everything foretold by the angels, Mary is thinking a lot about who her little baby will become.

Just in time we found a place

Finally, they arrived in Bethlehem. It’s crowded over there and there is no place in a hostel or inn. Joseph is looking everywhere for a place with a little privacy because Mary is about to pop! Joseph found a place behind the inn. In a shack is a place they can stay and it’s not a minute too early. The contractions are beginning, so Mary expects the baby very, very soon